BKÖP Policy


Elele Döşeme Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş.   as;

• Takes high level security measures for human and environment in and around the factory and provides all necessary resources for this purpose,

• Assigns personnel who have the appropriate knowledge, skills, training and experience to positions that will affect safety and security, and ensures the continuous development of the personnel with trainings,

• Identifies and evaluates activities that may cause major accidents resulting from ordinary and extraordinary operations, keeps them up-to-date and fulfills provisions for preventing accidents,

• To follow technological developments in order to prevent major accidents and reduce their effects and constantly improves the security measures in the factory,

• Defines critical business processes such as maintenance, repair and temporary stop, applies the procedures prepared in this regard and keeps them constantly updated,

• Identifies emergencies that can be detected in advance with analysis and reviews, prepares emergency plans for them and regularly audits them,

• Monitors the performance of the system in order to monitor compliance with the targets related to the Safety Management System, ensures that corrective actions are implemented in case of non-compliance,

• Periodically and systematically evaluates and documents the Safety Management System's effectiveness and compliance, ensures that it is reviewed and continuously improved by the senior management,

• Complies with national and international laws, legislation, regulations and standards,

• It undertakes to search for possible incompatibilities with the policy and take necessary actions to eliminate incompatibilities, thus preventing major accidents, ensuring the health and safety of employees, visitors and neighbors, and protecting the environment. 

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