Energy Policy


Elele Döşeme Sanayi Ve Ticaret A.Ş. 's management places great emphasis on energy efficiency. It undertakes to establish, operate, maintain and continuously improve the Energy Management System (EnYS), whose objectives are stated below.

• To ensure continuous improvement by reviewing our Energy Management System and energy consumption.

• To try to operate and maintain existing systems by ensuring energy efficiency.

• To ensure that energy-efficient choices are made in purchasing energy-efficient products, equipment and services and in order to improve energy performance,

• To comply with applicable national and international legislation and laws, regulations and other conditions,

• To produce respectful to environmental and human factors while keeping energy efficiency at the highest level,

• To ensure the accessibility of the necessary resources and information for the determination, realization and review of the Energy Management System goals and objectives,

• To raise awareness of our employees and suppliers about energy efficiency and energy awareness,

"Energy management for sustainable living is under our responsibility" 

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