Our Environmental Policy

ELELE DÖŞEME Sanayi A.Ş. management has reviewed this interaction with the environment at all stages from the design of our services and products to delivery to the customer, and has set this policy to be a framework for efforts to minimize negative effects on the environment.

Accordingly, the basic principles of the Environmental Policy of our company, which produces seat sponge, headrest and sound insulation parts for the automotive industry, are as follows;

Fulfillment of Eligibility Obligations

In order to fulfill the expectations of our customers, employees and interested parties affected by our activities, to constantly monitor and comply with the legal and other conditions arranged for this purpose.

Employee Engagement

Increasing the sensitivity of our employees by raising awareness through trainings, thus ensuring the participation of employees in order to make our activities more successful. At the same time, to contribute to the dissemination of this awareness through our employees.

Effective Use of Natural Resources

To save energy by reducing the use of resources such as electricity, water, fuel and raw materials we use, to reduce waste and waste, thus to ensure the efficient use of natural resources.

Protection of the Environment and Prevention of Environmental Pollution

To protect the environment and prevent pollution by using environmentally friendly technologies to the extent possible by technical, economic and commercial opportunities in new investments and projects, and by making improvements in the existing structure to the extent possible.

Continuous Development

Within the framework of laws and expectations, to ensure continuous development by following and following the targets set for the efficient use of natural resources and the reduction of environmental pollution with the participation of our employees.

Our organization will do its part for the world that will be left to the future with the activities it will perform in the light of these principles.

Our foams are used in different types of vehicles

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